Four Florida Locations Offer US SAILING Certifications

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Where can I learn to sail in Florida?

Four Florida Locations Offer US SAILING Certifications

Offshore Sailing School Tip: Offshore Sailing School offers its sailing courses at three metro NY locations, the windswept British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and at its Florida sailing school with four easy-to-reach locations designed for singles, couples or families who desire a learning vacation under sail.

Offshore Sailing School provides US SAILING official certification at its Florida Sailing School. This organization offers a series of certifications that allow you to continually build your sail training. Begin with a Basic Keelboat certification and move on to Basic Cruising when you master the skills. Then, as your sailing confidence soars, you'll be ready for Bareboat Cruising certification and be able to rent a sailboat without a hired skipper.

Offshore Sailing School has a Florida sailing school on Captiva Island, Ft. Myers Beach, the Florida Keys and St. Petersburg. Choose from a variety of courses at various skill levels, all of which come with US SAILING certification. In a basic sail training course, this highly-respected association ensures that sailors understand nautical terminology, rigging, heavy weather techniques, spinnaker techniques and crew overboard rescue. At a more advanced level, you'll earn Basic Cruising certification and feel confident taking your family and friends out for a sail while you skipper the boat.

Whether you are new to sailing or have already studied the first levels of US SAILING'S official certification process, learning to sail in Florida is exciting, relaxing and rejuvenating. Offshore is a Florida Sailing School that offers many outstanding custom learning vacations under sail.



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