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What should I wear on a yacht?

Yacht Attire

Yachting is an exclusive sport that can require fairly exclusive apparel. Besides the fashion aspect, there are a few essential clothing items for yachting. One of them is the "sail pant." These look similar to fisherman's pants, but are much more streamlined and have more intricate design aspects. For example, many sail pants are made from state-of-the-art fabrics like TP1. The pants are fully-lined for adequate warmth and have waterproofed seams. Better versions even have Velcro closures at the ankles and seat patches. Women can find their own versions that offer a zipped drop seat with back and front adjusters for a customized fit.

Can I get hypothermia while sailing?

Avoiding Hypothermia While Sailing

While most sailing excursions are in beautiful, tropical weather, some longer trips may take you and your crew out to cooler temperatures -- especially if you are traveling at night. It's essential that you take precautions against hypothermia by wearing or bringing the following articles of clothing along with you on your trip:

  • Top layers: T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, overshirt, windbreaker, jacket/vest, etc.
  • Bottom layers: Long-johns or stretchpants, jeans, water-repellent boating trousers, etc.
  • A couple of sailing hats (they can tend to blow away!)
  • Sailing boots (made from leather and/or water-repelling Kevlar)
  • 1-2 pairs of wool socks
Bring blankets to throw over you as well, just in case the wind picks up periodically.

Where did Sperry top-siders come from?

Sperry & The Spaniel

Almost everyone knows what a top-sider shoe looks like. Not many know that it was invented in 1935 when Paul Sperry watched his Cocker Spaniel run, sure-footed, across Sperry's icy back yard. He took a sneaker, a razor blade and a mass of rubber, and set about designing a shoe that would stand up to slippery conditions. Today, Sperry top-sider boat shoes are the standard issue for most sailors. Sperry's Authentic Original top-sider was part of the 2006 US Naval Academy Class' official casual uniform.

What is a good boat shoe made of?

What to Look for in a Good Boat Shoe

A decent pair of boat shoes are a worthwhile investment if you plan to sail, or spend time on a boat for any length of time. Typical sneakers won't be as effective as you might think. Here's why: Boat decks inevitably become wet, so passengers need extra gripping action to keep from slipping. Some sneakers have good treads, but boat shoes are designed for this express reason. Leather boat shoes have a treated top, which deflect water absorption. Also, boat shoes are low-cut allowing wearers to slip in and out of them easily, since being barefoot is another regular way of life for those on the water!

What is a good boat shoe for women?

Women's Boat Shoes

Most women have trouble with packing light and one of the most difficult reasons involves shoes. Inevitably, most women question how many shoes will accompany them on their holiday. Joking aside, there is a practicality to choosing shoes that have style and function. When the holiday involves water, the choices become even more difficult. Now, women can get the best of all possible worlds. Boat shoes for women now offer a variety of styles, the most exciting of which is a deck shoe that also doubles as a sandal. Many styles are efficient as well as elegant. This combination is ideal for on-deck, on-shore, and even out to dinner.

Where did boat shoe design originate?

The History of Boat Shoes

The classic boat shoe design was actually modeled after a shoe the Native Americans created: the moccasin. Both require the flexibility of on-shore and in- or near-water resiliency, When reviewing the construction, both moccasins and boat shoes carry similar traits. Both are made from water-resistant leather. Also, the design is low cut on the foot, which gives them an easy transition from boat deck shoe to boat shoe.

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