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Should I buy my own sailboat?

Buying a Boat

If you've taken a sailing course and have been bitten by the boat bug, take a moment to consider what size boat you'd be best suited to own. Many think that it's wiser to buy a small boat now and then a bigger one later on, but this does not always prove prudent. If you buy a new boat, you face large depreciations over time. If you purchase a used boat, the down payment you'll need to save up for to buy your second boat may very well go into renovations and/or repairs necessary on the first, used boat. A good rule is to purchase a boat that you anticipate using for the next five to 10 years.

What should a package sailing vacation include?

Your Package Sailing Vacation

Want to take a vacation and learn how to sail at the same time? One of the easiest ways to cover all your bases is to book one of the many sailing vacation packages offered across the world. Although packages vary from place to place, a few of the basic amenities you can and should expect in your price are:

  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel or the boat itself (in case you are staying on the boat throughout your holiday)
  • Boat, gear, equipment, fuel costs
  • Crew fees
  • Boat and crew insurance
  • Mooring fees
A real bonus is to receive educational information about the boat as well as the area(s) through which you'll be traveling.

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