Caribbean Sailing Vacations Tips

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What's a fun honeymoon idea in the Caribbean?

Sailing Honeymoon in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a well-known honeymoon spot, but not many couples realize their special holiday can be spent on a private yacht for a week or more gliding across the crystalline waters of the sea. Many packages also include snorkeling, lounging on the white sand beaches that abound, even fish-spotting in the coral reefs. It's not likely you and your mate will have another opportunity to pamper yourselves, so a trip like this may very well be worth the $2,500 and up expense.

What do "upwind" and "downwind" mean in sailing?

Caribbean Winds

When sailing the winds of the Caribbean sea, there are two important terms to know: upwind and downwind. Traveling "upwind" means that you are moving across the wind. When making this maneuver, a boat gets its lift from the sails. When sails are around 30 degrees to the wind blowing across the boat, the sails will receive most of their lift. When moving "downwind," however, the wind pushes the sails. This lets the sails out completely will give the boat all its force.

Is my sailing course tax-deductable?

Turning Your Holiday Into Cash

For those of you who are considering making a career of sailing -- either as a guide conducting sailing tours or teaching sailing courses -- book yourself a fantastic holiday in the Caribbean and take your course there. Why? As long as you take (and pass) your certification course, then launch your business within the same tax year, your entire trip (including course fees) can be tax-deductible. In essence, that's like taking a holiday for free. (Be sure to keep all receipts of your journey, of course, and be sure to consult your accountant about any expenses that may not be deductible.)

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