Avoiding Hypothermia While Sailing

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Can I get hypothermia while sailing?

Avoiding Hypothermia While Sailing

While most sailing excursions are in beautiful, tropical weather, some longer trips may take you and your crew out to cooler temperatures -- especially if you are traveling at night. It's essential that you take precautions against hypothermia by wearing or bringing the following articles of clothing along with you on your trip:

  • Top layers: T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, overshirt, windbreaker, jacket/vest, etc.
  • Bottom layers: Long-johns or stretchpants, jeans, water-repellent boating trousers, etc.
  • A couple of sailing hats (they can tend to blow away!)
  • Sailing boots (made from leather and/or water-repelling Kevlar)
  • 1-2 pairs of wool socks
Bring blankets to throw over you as well, just in case the wind picks up periodically.



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