Sailing Frequently Asked Questions

Where did boat shoe design originate?

What is a good boat shoe made of?

What is a good boat shoe for women?

Where did Sperry top-siders come from?

Can I get hypothermia while sailing?

What should I wear on a yacht?

Where can I learn to sail in the British Virgin Islands?

Who can learn sailing?

What is a cruising course?

Is my sailing course tax-deductable?

What do "upwind" and "downwind" mean in sailing?

What's a fun honeymoon idea in the Caribbean?

What should I look for in a sailing course?

Why should I send my child to sailing camp?

Do children race sailboats professionally?

What's a good sailing navigation tip?

Why should I avoid standing birds when sailing?

What should I do if my hull gets scratched?

What is a one-design sailboat?

How can I win a sailing race?

How do I tack on a catamaran?

Do I need sailboat racing insurance?

What is VMG

How should I finish a yacht race?

What is a good team building activity for my company?

When should I overtake an opposition boat on a team sailing race?

How can I get more power from my mainsail?

What is a good tactician?

How much should a crew member move during a regatta?

What is a slam dunk in sailing?

Where is the "sailing capital of the world"?

What should we look for in a two-person cruising course?

What should I bring on a sailing vacation?

Are there sailing courses for women only?

What should a package sailing vacation include?

Should I buy my own sailboat?

How can I avoid falling overboard on a sailboat or yacht?

What is a burgee?

What are Rules of the Sea?

Should I join a yacht club?

Can I join a yacht club if I don't own a boat?

What is a PFD?

What is a coastal navigation course?

What is involved in learning coastal navigation?

What kind of safety lighting is required on my sailboat?

Am I required to have flotation devices on my sailboat?

Is GPS technology enough to plot my sailing trip?

What is a sailing chart?

How does a boat sail?

How can I learn about sail construction?

How do I take sailing lessons in New York City?

How do I maintain my sails on my sailboat?

What sailing terms should I learn first?

What should I wear on a sailboat?

Can I learn to sail in a vacation destination?

How does weather affect sailing?

How do I anchor and dock my sailboat?

How do I launch a sailboat from the shore?

What is a sailing jibe?

What do I do if my sailboat capsizes?

How do I learn how to do blue water cruising in a sailboat?

Can my spouse and I take private sailing lessons?

What types of cruising courses can I take?

What will I learn in an advanced sailing course?

What will a good sailing course cover?

What will sailing lessons teach me about winch safety?

What would an advanced sailing course teach me?

How will a roller furling headsail help me learn more about sailing?

How do I learn high performance sailing techniques?

What will an advanced sailing course teach me?

What type of safety equipment should I have on my sailboat?

What does an abandon ship kit contain?

What are fenders for a sailboat?

What type of tools should I carry on my sailboat?

What kind of sailing accessories can I buy to have fun on the water?

What types of equipment failures can happen on a sailboat?

Is there a Florida Keys sailing school?

Is there a Long Island Sailing School

What benefits do sailing schools offer for beginning sailors?

What basic sailing terms should I know before I learn to sail?

How do I avoid sea sickness when I learn to sail?

Will handling a man overboard situation be covered in my learn to sail class?

What is the Captiva Island Sailing School

How do I stop a boat when sea sailing?

How do I execute a heave-to while sea sailing?

What do I need to know about sail charts when offshore sailing?

How can wind affect my offshore sailing trip?

What happens if I accidentally run my offshore sailboat into land?

What is a bareboat charter?

Is chartering a sailboat expensive?

What is a yacht charter?

Can I sail my charter boat the same way I sail the boat I own?

How do I charter my own sailboat course?

Is there a sail training school in the Bahamas?

Where can I learn to sail in Florida?

Is there a sailing school in New Jersey?

Does Offshore Sailing School have a training program in NYC?

How do I obtain sailing certifications?

Do I need a boat certification for my new sailboat?

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