Sailing Lessons on Winch Safety

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What will sailing lessons teach me about winch safety?

Sailing Lessons on Winch Safety

If you are just beginning to learn sailing, you might still be confused about which side of the boat is port and which is starboard. But, if you are already competent in basic sailing instruction, it may be time to take a sailing course designed to teach you advanced sailing and high performance techniques. While you might learn about winches in beginner sailing lessons, in advanced sailing courses you might perfect those techniques and learn more detail about how to use them best in high performance sailing situations. Here are some tips on winch safety:

*If you are easing the jib sheet to adjust for a course change, put one hand on the coils without your thumb sticking out where it can get caught and injured. Then, ease the line with the other hand.

*Use the hand on the coils for control. If you don't, the coils can stick and then suddenly jerk out. This can also cause injury.

*Always wrap the winch clockwise. Before you tack or jibe, wrap the lazy side winch one or two times to prepare for the maneuver. When it's time to tack or jibe, be aware of the tension before you uncleat it and hold tight. After the tack or jibe, release the working side, remove wraps and pull in on the new sheet.

*To safely add wraps as soon as there is pressure, take the line in one hand and pass it around the winch two or three times allowing the line to ease through your hands as it goes. Don't ease enough to let the line slip on the drum.



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