Investigate Boat Certificates Needed in Your State

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Do I need a boat certification for my new sailboat?

Investigate Boat Certificates Needed in Your State

If you just bought your first sailboat, you might be tempted to load it up on a trailer and get it in the water the first chance you get. But, that could get you into trouble in some states. The laws relating to boat ownership differ from state to state so the first thing you should do is investigate what is required where you live. You can do this at There you will find online tests for boat licenses and any other types of certifications you must obtain before sailing. Even if your state does not require a safety certification, consider taking a course and obtaining one anyway. You may prevent an accident and even save a life--and that life could be your child's or your own. Luckily, with the advent of the Internet you can now take many boat certification courses online. You can also study boat safety requirements and read official state handbooks. If you ever get stopped while boating by the authorities, having a boat certification--even if your state does not require it--may help you out.



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