New Jersey Sailing School Offers Superb Sailing

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Is there a sailing school in New Jersey?

New Jersey Sailing School Offers Superb Sailing

Offshore Sailing School Tip: Want to learn to sail? If you live near Liberty Landing, NJ, you're in luck! Offshore Sailing's New Jersey sailing school offers classes to help you earn your US Sailing certifications.he classrooms and on-site office are located within a historic harbor's edge lightship near the Liberty Science Center.

Once you pass a learn to sail course--which requires no prior training--you'll obtain a US Sailing certification in Basic Keelboat sailing. This unique site is sure to take you away from the pressures of everyday job stress. If you've already mastered basic sail training, you can learn to compete in the sport by taking Offshore Sailing School's Fast Track to Performance Racing course earning both your US Sailing Performance Sailing and Performance Racing certifications. You can do all this in a nine day, two course immersion experience. To earn these certifications, US Sailing requires that you know and understand the following: advanced sail trim, spinnaker set, jibe, douse and control, squall management, sailing in current, practical navigation and mooring pick-up.

The metro-New York-New Jersey Sailing Club is also located in New Jersey. After the taking classes at the New Jersey sailing school, you'll have the confidence to take the helm whenever you like. There is no initiation fee to join the club, and you get use of club boats on your next vacation.



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