Flotilla Boat Charters

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Flotilla Boat Charters

Are you looking for a unique vacation idea? You have some experience sailing and you want to be out on the open water, anchoring when you decide you want to stop and enjoy the local cuisine and culture of a small island. You want to be able snorkel in the blue water but not on someone else's schedule. But, maybe you want all this and some sailing help that's close by if you need it. If you like meeting new people, a flotilla sailing charter might be best for you. Flotilla sailboat charters can offer you the chance to cruise through the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. You can have some time alone with your spouse or family and you can also join up with others in your group.

In a flotilla charter, you might sail with up to 10 or 12 other yachts and have a lead crew that offers help when you need without being too obtrusive on your private time. You will likely get a flexible itinerary with suggested places to anchor for the day or moor for the night. Sometimes in a flotilla charter, all the boats meet at one place to have a party on the beach. Then you can meet people who also enjoy sailing and share your experiences and know-how with them. If you want to find such a private boat charter, search the Internet under "flotilla boat charters" or go to specific charter company sites to see if they offer this type of sailing yacht charter. Depending on the type of boat and the location, the prices for flotilla charters will vary. Some people make lifelong friends on flotilla charters while others meet new fellow sailors each year.

To ensure you have a good experience, check out the credentials of your lead crew. Also, check out the company through an organization like the Better Business Bureau.



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