Avoiding Sea Sickness When You Learn to Sail

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How do I avoid sea sickness when I learn to sail?

Avoiding Sea Sickness When You Learn to Sail

You're probably very excited about your upcoming learn-to-sail class. Enjoying the beautiful water as you learn basic sailing techniques is one of the best benefits of the sport. But, some people who take beginner sailing classes quickly learn that they are prone to sea sickness. No one wants to feel the effects of sea sickness--including dizziness, a sick stomach and vomiting--on their first day out to sea. Fortunately, there are some remedies that work well, including those you get from your doctor and those that are drug-free.

You may want to have some sea sickness pills with you just in case--even if you've sailed before and not had symptoms. But, be aware that like any drug, sea sickness pills and patches can have side effects. A fairly new cure on the market is called Motion Ease, an oil you rub behind the ears. You may find other solutions at your local drug store or health food store. Also, prior to your class, ask your instructor what he or she recommends. Here are some tips for avoiding sea sickness:

*Don't drink alcohol the night before.

*Avoid greasy foods.

*If you have a choice of berths, choose the one forward in the cabin as it it likely to have less pitching motion. Also, sleep on your back.

*Keep busy and positive. If you worry too about getting sea sickness, you probably will.

*Stay up on deck. Offer to steer when you are ready. Keeping your eyes on the horizon helps.

*Get in good physical condition.



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