Sailing Schools Offer Best Way to Learn Sailing

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What benefits do sailing schools offer for beginning sailors?

Sailing Schools Offer Best Way to Learn Sailing

Offshore Sailing School Tip: If you go online or visit the library, you will discover that information on sailing is overwhelming. If you want to learn to sail, which sailing schools are the best? Can you truly learn all the basic and advanced sailing methods by reading about them? While sailing books and online resources are a great source of information for learning to sail, they are best used as a supplement to courses offered by reputable sailing schools like Offshore, which teaches basic sailing and learning vacations in many locations including Florida, New York, New Jersey, The Chesapeake, Bahamas and Virgin Islands.

Why should you learn to sail by taking a sailing course instead of just reading about it?

*A reputable sailing school has certified instructors with a wealth of experience on the water in many types of sailing situations. The best book in the world can't substitute for on-the-water training.

*A sailing school will teach a progression of sailing skills. If you don't take the time to master basic sailing, you may not become proficient at more advanced techniques.

*Offshore Sailing School offers sailboat lessons in beautiful vacation destinations. You'll have plenty of time for other activities like diving, tennis, golf or kayaking.

*Sailing schools offer unique methods of sail training such as private lessons, family courses and classes for women only. Joining a group class means you'll meet people with like interests.

*When you learn to sail at Offshore Sailing School, you'll receive graduation benefits that include free magazines, published sailing tips, discounts on future courses and more. Library books and internet articles don't offer that.

*Learning to sail at a sailing school is much safer than trying it alone.

When you investigate sailing schools you should use the following criteria:

*Find a school whose teachers are certified by US SAILING--like Steve Colgate, founder of Offshore Sailing School. Colgate is a former Olympian sailor and the author of many books on the subject.

*Find a school where you can earn certification for your work. This will help you advance in the sport and qualify you for chartering a sailboat on your own.

*Choose a school that offers beginning sailing as well as advanced courses so you can progress at your own speed.

*Many sailing schools come and go. Choose one that has been around a long time. Offshore Sailing School was founded in 1964 and has introduced more than 100,000 people to the joy of sailing.

*Choose a school that offers many locations--Learning to sail with Offshore on the Hudson is easy for New York and New Jersey residents. Or, make it a learning vacation at beautiful settings like Chesapeake Bay. You might want to commute for your basic sailing classes and then take a learning vacation in the Florida Keys when you're ready for a more advanced sailing course. Only Offshore Sailing School offers a choice of many vacation destination sailing schools.

*Choose a school with custom-designed sailboats so, when you learn to sail, you'll have the best instructional equipment. Steve Colgate, founder of Offshore Sailing School, created the award-winning Colgate 26, the sailboat of choice for many training facilities that include the U.S. Coast Guard and US Sailing Academy.



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