Typical Equipment Failures on a Sailboat

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What types of equipment failures can happen on a sailboat?

Typical Equipment Failures on a Sailboat

Here are the most likely sailboat failures from a leading expert:

Turning blocks: Often a spinnaker or genoa sheet leads aft through a block and forward to a winch. If the shackle lets go, the rig will fly with great force so you should never stand forward of the turning block or in the loop where both parts of the line go forward.

Line breakage: Any place where chafing occurs can cause a line to break and serious injury can result. Watch for these places and protect them from breaking.

Main Boom Gooseneck: This universal joint that connects the boom to the mast carries heavy strain and so booms can rip off the masthead and fly forward. This can cause fatal injury. In heavy winds, walk forward or aft along the windward side of the boat.

Spinnaker: This pole can splinter causing similar problems and injuries.

Any place on the sailboat that receives strong force has a chance of breaking, especially in difficult sailing conditions. Check this sailing equipment carefully before and during your trip.



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