Boat Accessories for Having Fun

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What kind of sailing accessories can I buy to have fun on the water?

Boat Accessories for Having Fun

Once you sail offshore into deeper water, you can use boat accessories to have fun and also make boating maintenance easier. Here are some items you can get at a discount sailing gear store:

  • Snorkeling equipment: You'll want to buy both snorkeling gear and a mask. This allows you to swim at length and explore the area where you've docked. Make sure you know how to use this type of sailing gear before you leave the store. This sailing item is also great for scubbing algae off the bottom and sides of the boat.
  • Rafts or tubes to relax: Use can also venture off your sailboat and relax in the water. Be sure to carry an inflator for the rafts or tubes you use and that the area where you swim is safe for such water activity.
  • Flippers or fins: These fit on the feet and make it easier to swim and dive below the surface of the water. Adjust the straps before you go into the water. You can use fins in more shallow water to dive down and adjust the anchor of the boat as well.
  • Sailboat ladder: This is convenient if you plan to do a lot of swimming off your sailboat. Kids can jump in the water and safely and quickly return back. A ladder can also be a safety device in that a person who has gone accidentally overboard can more easily get in the boat.
  • Store hammock: If you are going to be taking sailing gear on your boat for enjoyment, consider hammock to store it. It will keep sailing accessories out of the way when it's time to sail.

Never go off your sailboat unless there is a 'buddy' watching you. Swimming alone off a sailboat, no matter how much sailing experience you have, is unsafe.



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