Equip Your Sailboat with the Proper Tools

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What type of tools should I carry on my sailboat?

Equip Your Sailboat with the Proper Tools

When you are sailing, you never know when a repair will need to be made to your boat. It's important to have the basic tools on board for such repairs. You should also carry certain types of spare parts in case tools aren't enough.

To operate deck winches, carry the proper type of winch handles. When done using a tool, always store it safely away and in the same place. No one wants to watch their winch fly overboard and out of reach. You might even want to carry two just in case a new crew member forgets to follow this rule. Here are tools every sailboat should have onboard:



*wrenches and a socket set

*wire-crimping tool

*the right size wrenches for your engine if you have one

Check your tools regularly to ensure they are well oiled and keep them in the same place. Mark them as boat tools so they do not get mixed up with other tools and left at home. Wipe down tools after use to ensure they do not suffer damage from wetness and salty air.

Carry spare parts and extra fuses for the movable objects on your sailboat. Carry an extra set of running rigging and nuts and bolts of different sizes. Also carry clamps to secure hoses and lubricating oil if you have an engine. Check your engine manual to obtain a recommended spare parts kit. Check a boat accessories or boat supply store for more information on what you should carry for your particular sailboat.



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