Look for Cruising Courses That Offer Variety

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What types of cruising courses can I take?

Look for Cruising Courses That Offer Variety

Offshore Sailing School Tip: Under sail, a cruising yacht might be defined as a sailboat that can sail through the night and has accommodations for the crew. This is what separates it from a dinghy or small keelboat. Take a look online or at marina showrooms. You'll find a tremendous difference between each yacht. Some yachts offer basic accommodations; others are more luxurious. If you are ready to head out on the open sea, you'll want to take a cruising course to ensure you're well prepared. Just as there are different cruising yachts, there are different ways to organize your cruising courses. Select a school that offers beginner to advanced sailing instruction. Here are some examples:

Colgate Offshore Accelerated Sail Training (COAST): This series of cruising courses, designed by renowned expert, Steve Colgate is the fastest and most economical way to go from novice to an advanced level at a significant tuition savings. You can earn the equivalent of a sailing master's degree in two years.

Catamaran Live Aboard Cruising: Your classroom and home for the week is a beautiful 36-foot Moorings catamaran (two hulls) with three cabins, generous main salon and gallery area, hot water showers, swim deck shower, spacious cockpit, and all the equipment you need to learn to cruise while living comfortably aboard a stable catamaran.

Live Aboard Cruising: These hands-on sailing lessons help you master skills necessary to cruise or charter with confidence while living aboard a Moorings or 46-foot Hunter yacht.

Live Aboard Coastal Navigation: This cruising course follows either the Live Aboard Cruising course or Bareboat Cruising Preparation course and is offered exclusively on a Moorings 3800 or 4200 catamaran.

Each cruising course covers plenty of information specific to the course level, size and boat type you learn on. You can go as far as you want in our stair-step program. Cruising courses are offered for singles, couples, women-only and families.



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