Take Advanced Sailing Lessons with Your Spouse

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Can my spouse and I take private sailing lessons?

Take Advanced Sailing Lessons with Your Spouse

Many people would cringe at the thought of sailing with a spouse. Could just the two of us handle a sailboat? Can we really work together well enough to learn sailing as a duo? The answer to both questions is "yes." Some sailing classes--such as the Private Cruising Course for Two at Offshore Sailing School--are designed to teach couples to learn to sail as a team. When you first see the spacious, 41-foot sailing yacht on which you'll train, you may feel like you'll never be ready to sail it without an instructor. But, at the end of the week, after both classroom and on-water training, you will be qualified to dock, anchor, tack, chart, handle heavy water--all with just you and your spouse.

Offshore Sailing School offers these specially designed courses for those who want to master bareboat cruising or live aboard cruising. But, if you have not studied formally, you can take the school's unique fast-track instruction which combines a learn to sail course with bareboat or live aboard sailing instruction.

Also, you have plenty of time for other types of fun as you spend two nights at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa. These private sailing classes come with US Sailing certifications, textbooks and meals aboard. By the end of the week, the two of you will feel confident taking control of a sailboat and organizing your own cruising vacation.



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