Sailing Comfort Basics

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What should I wear on a sailboat?

Sailing Comfort Basics

It's hard to learn a new hobby. But practice makes perfect, and this is no different when it comes to sailing. Frustrating sailing experiences come from not doing enough research ahead of time or not taking a basic sailing course that teaches you the best sailing habits. You might end up so cold you can't have fun. You might wear the wrong foot wear and end up slipping on the boat's wet surface. You might forget to make sure your sunglasses are held on with a string. You might buy the wrong gloves and get terrible blisters. Some of these will simply be tough learning lessons while others might jeopardize your safety. That's why you should begin by obtaining an introduction to a sailing course that will give you the proper sailing fundamentals. Here are some ideas to get you started:

*The clothing you wear will depend on where you are sailing and the temperature. A wet-suit is best for foul weather. A dry-suit is a waterproof suit with seals at the neck, ankles and wrists. If you allow yourself to get wet or cold your energy levels will quickly deteriorate. If you are going to sail in a higher temperature area where you might perspire, chose a breathable fabric that will whisk away sweat. This kind of clothing can be purchased at a marine or sports store.

*Always bring and wear a life jacket. A cap will prevent heat loss from the head on cool days. If you have long hair, keep it up so it does not get caught in rigging. Take a lot of water, even if it's cool. You can get dehydrated even when the sun isn't shining. If you sail on a cruiser, invest in a safety harness that will keep you securely attached to the boat. Some waterproof jackets come with harnesses built in.



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