Research Sailing Basics Before You Get in the Boat

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What sailing terms should I learn first?

Research Sailing Basics Before You Get in the Boat

Part of understanding sailing fundamentals is learning sailing definitions and sailing terms. The following are some terms you should know before you begin a basic sailing course:

Stern: The back part of the boat, also called the 'after'. The transom is the flat end of the stern. The stern quarters are the back corners of the boat.

Bow: The front end of the boat. The Bow Line is a mooring rope that runs from the bow to a point ashore. The Bow Line is sometimes called the head rope.

Starboard: The right side of the boat when facing forward.

Port: The left side of the boat when facing forward.

Jib: Also called the 'foresail' because it is in the front of the boat. Some sailboats have several types of jibs that are used for different purposes.

Mainsail: The most important sail on all boats. This sail sits behind the mast. Most are triangular but other shapes do exist.

Boom: At the bottom of the mainsail, the part that controls the sail.

Gooseneck: The fitting that allows the boom to pivot both side to side and up and down.

Hull: The rounded part of the boat; comes in a variety of materials.

Keel: The fin under the hull, which is used for stability and lateral resistance. A Keel Boat is any boat with a Keel.



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