Sail Construction

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How can I learn about sail construction?

Sail Construction

Offshore Sailing School Tip: If you want to learn to sail, you might be tempted to pick up a few books at the library and try to master the art and sport of sailing yourself. There are many sailing basics, such as sail construction, you need to learn from the experts. Sailing schools like Offshore Sailing School offer the chance to take sailing lessons if you are new to sailing and need to start with the basics. Here is an example:

Threads on a sail run two directions and are called 'fill.' Lengthwise threads are called warp. The warp stretches more than the fill and the greatest stretch is in a diagonal direction called the bias. When the tension is just right on the sail, the boat will move well. This tension is caused by wind and adjustments the sailors make. Over the years, expert sailors have developed ideas that optimize sail theory and adjustment. Various sail materials like Mylar and Kevlar have also been developed to improve sail construction.

When you take sailing lessons, you'll learn the right type of sail construction for your use and desire on the water. Sail construction differs for different types of boats designed for offshore sailing or racing. You can find out more about sailing lessons at



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