When a Yacht Should Yield

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What are Rules of the Sea?

When a Yacht Should Yield

Once you have taken the step to join a boating community, you have more responsibility on the waters. Yacht clubs, for example, must follow strict rules of the sea. One of these rules is understanding which vessels have the right-of-way on the water. A power boat must keep out of the way of the following:

  • A sailing vessel (using only sails and no motor – otherwise it becomes a power vessel), and vessels propelled by oars or paddles.
  • A vessel engaged in fishing, whose fishing equipment restricts its maneuverability. Typically, this is a commercial fishing vessel.
  • A vessel with restricted movement (like a towboat) and/or a boat that is working (i.e., transferring supplies to another boat, towing, etc.).
  • A broken/non-running vessel.



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