Staying Still to Move Faster?

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How much should a crew member move during a regatta?

Staying Still to Move Faster?

Believe it or not, in a team sailing regatta, the more a crew moves around, the less chance they have of winning. It may seem that a deck hot with crew action must mean the team is knowledgeable and full of hidden tactics that will win the race. In actuality, too much movement on the boat can slow your boat down considerably. Think about it: If something as light as a sail can make a huge difference in the speed of your craft, imagine what effect the weight and movement of several human bodies can have. In order to ensure smooth and speedy sailing, each crew member should ideally perform his/her tasks and freeze in position. In fact, part of your task as a crew member is your position at any given point. Keep excess movements to a minimum to keep boat speed to a maximum.



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