The Master Tactician

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What is a good tactician?

The Master Tactician

The tactician is one of the most important members of any racing team -- whether you're in a local yachting club or the US Sailing Team. It's the job of the tactician to plan out the course of the regatta, and anticipate as much as possible (weather, competition level, etc.) before the race begins. However, to be a truly excellent tactician, here are a few important tips:

  • Give clear orders to your crew in a positive and upbeat manner.
  • Don't overreact to mistakes. They happen. Instead, look at the quickest and smartest way to correct them.
  • When behind, changing tacks erratically will not win the race. Look at the big picture and note where you may be able to move ahead more strategically.
  • Keep morale matter where you are in the race.
  • Although it may be hard, try to accept the responsibility for any errors that occur so that your crew can stay focused.
  • After the race, take notes! Use these to better your performance in the next regatta.



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