Team Building Business Sails

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What is a good team building activity for my company?

Team Building Business Sails

Offshore Sailing School Tip: More and more businesses are taking time to provide team-building activities for their company. From hiking excursions to morale workshops, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. One of the more adventurous team building activities is to take your staff to a team sailing course. Use Offshore Sailing to engage team bonding. Beyond the practicalities of sailing technique, instructors should also be able to identify the similarities between team sailing and teamwork in the office. Job completion, maximizing performance of the boat, and the changing winds all correspond to the everyday challenges that a business faces. Working together as a team will prepare your staff to function more efficiently.

  • A team must work together to build company performance, much like maximizing a sailboat's performance
  • The feeling an employee gets when completing a job to company satisfaction is the same as successful sailing
  • When sailing, team members are forced to use quick problem-solving skills

Trained sailing professionals will establish a working crew from your team and teach novice sailors how to man a sailboat with the assistance of colleagues. Seek out team building activities that emphasize these strength-building elements. After a team sailing course, you should discover that "running a tight ship" suddenly has a double meaning! No experience is necessary.



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