The Colgate 26

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What is a one-design sailboat?

The Colgate 26

Offshore Sailing School Tip: A one design sailboat gets its name from the design of its hull. Depending on the hull design, these classes of boats are then raced against each other, and only against each other. One of the most popular one design sailboats is the Colgate 26.

The Colgate 26 family sport boat® is a multipurpose daysailer sailboat This one design sailboat is also a competitive racer with plenty of room for the racing crew or family members. In the security of its big, ergonomically designed cockpit you have plenty of room to move around, experiencing the feel of a larger boat with features that make sailing easy and safe. After learning on a Colgate 26, you are prepared to go on to racing or comfortably make the transition to cruising boats.



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