Cruise Control

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What is a cruising course?

Cruise Control

Offshore Sailing School Tip: The ultimate dream for most sailors is to cruise to exotic islands – to see the world under sail and go where the wind takes you at a pace set by the rising moon and setting sun. Offshore Sailing School delivers a grand selection of options for cruising courses, from Bareboat Cruising and Fast Track to Cruising courses to advanced Coastal Passage Making. Cruising courses are taught aboard 36 to 50-foot monohulls and 42 to 47-foot catamarans, depending upon course and location.

If purchasing a sailboat is in your future, consider taking a cruising course first. Your cruising course will include a comprehensive study under sail of all that you may encounter while taking your sailboat out for a daysail or extended cruising. Most cruising courses cover boat systems, sailing how-to's, safety, navigation and anchoring. Costs for cruising courses will vary depending on the location and time of year, but without question, safety is key and it's a good idea to be fully prepared before you hit the open seas.



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